Lyrics for Sam’s Murder by Dave Stewart from the album Ghost The Musical

LYRICS FOR Sam's Murder

Hey you

Yeah, I’m talking to you

Sam, oh my god

Just let me handle this

Your wallet

Give it to him

Alright, alright

Look, you take my money; you just leave my wallet, OK

I said, your god dam wallet

No I need the wallet

I kill you

Give it to me man

Molly, get out of here

Get out of here Molly

I’ll shoot you man


Hey, hey

Oh god Sam

Help me, help me he’s been shot

Oh god Sam hold on baby were gonna be ok


Call an ambulance please

Molly you alright

Somebody, oh god Sam

Stay with me Sam

Is he breathing, breathe come on Sam breath


Breathe Sam

Oh god, I’m loosing you

Don’t you leave me Sam

Don’t leave me

What is that?

Molly, no

Don’t leave me Molly.


4048 - Dave Stewart - Ghost The Musical - The UK - CD - CDGHOST1