Lyrics for Revelation

by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson

LYRICS FOR Revelation

I’ve had a revelation,
There’s nothing that I can do
I’ve had a revelation
I’m still in love with you

Oh I fell in love with a man I never knew
He hid behind the frame of a picture
Which he drew (CHORUS)

Oh then he insisted
That I could be his only misses
All the while they were words
of a beguiling phoney (CHORUS)

Oh you spoke your words with conviction
Yeah but the truth was
in the roll of your eye
You didn’t think that I would ever realise
That you were only trying to hurt me
Yeah but there’s nothing I can do
To stop myself from loving you

Yeah he could hurt me everyday
Seize the air from my lungs
But this pain was okay
I need his touch
For me that’s enough