Lyrics for Rain – Hold On by Dave Stewart from the album Ghost The Musical

LYRICS FOR Rain - Hold On


You lead me I’ll follow,

I can feel you right beside me

Not dreaming, reawaken,

Won’t give up, won’t ever let you down.

This journeys not over, tides turning,

Won’t let you get washed away…

Here right now

I feel you with me now; you’re not alone,

Right now, I want you to know

I’m here for you; I’ll see this through


There’s no file on a Willie Lopez,




He was probably some old boyfriend she was trying to get even with.

Look at this, this Oda Mae Brown’s record goes back a long away,

fraud, numbers rackets you name it,

she’s a real pro,


What the hell, this has nothing to do with anything.


1997, Shreveport Louisiana, forgery selling false ID’s’, served 1 year.

2001 Baton Rouge arrested for fraud, numbers rackets here served 10 months.

2004 Hattiesburg, Mississippi fraud 7 months, it goes on and on,

This Oda Mae Brown’s a charlatan you can’t believe anything she said.

Molly (Singing)

When it’s over it’s over,

I have to let go, none of its real,

It’s part of the deal.


I’m with you right beside you,

I need you to believe it,

don’t stop now,

you can feel me inside you,

don’t loose me in the rain,

this journey’s not over still pouring,

all of my dreams swept away,

I know you feel me now

You’re not alone, right now,

I want you to know, just see this through,

I’m here for you,

here for you, here for you……….


I was a fool and I was taken for a ride,

I was looking past the truth but I was suckered by the lies, because it’s too late to

pretend, oh now I’ve lost you again.

I bought it all because I wanted to believe, and now I think I’ve hit the wall, never trust what

I can’t see, cause I did all that I could, oh now I’ve lost you for good,

I’m falling, can’t stop myself falling, I’m falling, I just keep on falling.

Oh oh just wanted to hold on somehow,

look at me now.


I just need you to hear me, I just want you to fight, I’m not really gone, you’ve got to

go on, till we set this right

I’m not gonna leave you, eternity can wait, we’ll find a way how, but if you give up

now, it will all be too late

I need you, to keep holding on to me now, you can’t let go, you can’t let go

I need you, to keep holding on………..

you have to know, you, can’t let go.”

4048 - Dave Stewart - Ghost The Musical - The UK - CD - CDGHOST1