Lyrics for Puppet Man by Longdancer from the single Puppet Man


i can take you by the hand
lead you to a land
where there’s not a care
i can hoax you i can coax you
when there’s nothing there

i can tie you on a string
make you dance and sing
to the tune i play
i can fool you i can rule you
you can’t get away

(cause) I’m a puppet man, I’m a puppet man
can’t you see i am, can’t you see i am
I’m a puppet man, I’m a puppet man
i can make you part of my plan
cause I’m a puppet man

i can beat you to the line
bring you peace of mind
for another day
i can take you i can make you
do the things i say

i can leave you on the ground
or turn your head around
make you step in time
i can fake you or forsake you
the choice is mine

and you won’t understand
I’m the puppet man
that’s what i am

3706 - Longdancer - Puppet Man - Japan - 7" Single - IVR10595