Lyrics for Pointless Rebellion

by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson

LYRICS FOR Pointless Rebellion

See the way she plays with her hair
Look at her provocative glare
And all the boys they love her
they dream she will be theirs
I can see her strutting down the street
Her hips sway to the rhythm of the beat
And she listens to no one but herself

Yeah but she cries foo loud
for people to hear
And nobody wants to go near
Yeah she hurts no one but herself
(Pointless rebellion)
Cos she’s a pointless rebellion
And now no one understands your drift
that’s your problem sis

See the matted sick in her hair
Look at her drunken glare
And all the boys they love her
She doesn’t have a care
I can see her strutting down the street
Yeah and she fails to stand on her feet
And people have to carry her home


You were a friend I used to know
But now I am wondering
are you a friend or a foe?
I heard how you broke your papas heart
And now mine and yours friendship
Has drifted apart

Ohhhh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh oh oh oh

Look at her hair
sprawled across the ground
Look at her eyes with all the red around
And the boys take advantage
of the state she is in
I can see her standing in the street
She is waiting by the street’s
Source of light
And she calls herself the lady of the night

She needs some money
Before the next fix
Yeah she needs someone
before she hits the grave