Lyrics for Picadilly Picnic by Dave Stewart from the album Slyfi

LYRICS FOR Picadilly Picnic

been sprinkling the dust again
danced with lady luck again
broke all the rules in the book again
oh yeah
I gave myself a treat again
told everyone in the street again
but I landed on my feet again
oh yeah

now I’ve really got it made
highest score in Picadilly arcade
Hyde Park picnic with orangeade
yeah yeah yeah yeah
bone fire night on Primrose Hill
danced with a bunch of daffodils
dinner with the Duchess of Seville
yeah yeah yeah yeah

put a stop to the downward spell
climbed back up to the top of the well
started fresh with new clientele
oh yeah
got a job in the building trade
where people call a spade a spade
now I know where I am and I even get paid
oh yeah

now I’ve really got it made
Sunday Mirror and the Times in bed
with tea and toast and marmalade
yeah yeah yeah yeah
walk through Camden in the afternoon
stop by the market balloons
have a laugh with the kids while we watch cartoons
yeah yeah yeah yeah

0526 - Dave Stewart - Slyfi - The USA - CD - N2K-10056