Lyrics for Party Town by Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys from the album Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys


Saxophones were playing in a pool of light
Corridors of mirrors in a never ending night
Jukebox electric shining in your face
Arms like a gorilla playing a stumbling bass
You were singing under water when you started to drown
I never did like you much so I didn’t slick around
Matthew was the only one who lasted till the end
He was swimming in the kitchen when his mind began to bend
In party town, party down
I saw you with your dress torn down
In party town, party down
You were naked and alone
Officers and criminals were walking hand in hand
The king of executioners he was singing in the band
Microscopes and laser beams they all were being used
Girls were drinking novocaine to keep themselves amused
Senators and ministers were hanging in the sky
People paying in advance to watch the scene go by
Magazines were quoting all the things that had been said
Making fun and money on the fact that she was dead
Party girl, party girl, I saw you in your party world
Party girl, party girl, you were naked and alone instrumental… party
Party town, party town, where the beat goes down
Party town, party town, you can hear them beg for more
In party town, party town, the girls don’t keep you hanging round
In party town, party town, they nail you… to the floor… Ha Haa
Instrumental out to fade… optional screaming

0437 - Spiritual Cowboys - Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys - The UK - CD - PD-74710