Lyrics for Moonchild by Dave Stewart and Soft Parade from the album Puur

LYRICS FOR Moonchild

Oh pretty moonchild
Where are you
You whisper
You whisper, you cry
Where are you
You whisper
You whisper goodbye
You can’t come out and in before the dark
Your voice is glowing in my heart
Moonchild, sing to me
I hear you
Sing to me and shine
Sing to me
I hear you
I hear you so fine
Sweet is when you’re on and you’re a star
Warm 5,000 worlds with what you are
And mine…
Ooh pretty moonchild
Moon must’ve shone on you
You move me up high
Invited me a hundred miles away
How could I mistake the things tou say?
Your french is just as bad as mine.
Pretty moonchild, where are you?
It’s great that you’re a friend of mine.
Sing to me
And I’ll sing for you
I love you I cry…

2191 - Dave Stewart And Soft Parade - Puur - The UK - CD - ANX2000CD