Lyrics for Magic In The Blues by Dave Stewart from the album The Blackbird Diaries

LYRICS FOR Magic In The Blues

Magic In The Blues
I was feeling empty hearted
Colder than a stone
Walked around the house all day
Looking for a home

I laid down on my brother’s bed
Tried on my father’s shoes
Picked up my mother’s wedding ring
The one she tried to lose
When she went looking for some clues
To find magic in the blues
I broke up with myself

I left without a note
Hitched a ride to Birmingham
Arrived without a coat

I slept out in a hallway
And I woke up feeling bruised
Just me and my stolen guitar
The one he never used
So I undid the screws
Searching for magic in the blues

I made it down to London town
I didn’t have a dime
Someone said they’d found a girl
I knew that she was mine

When I saw her through the window
She acted so confused
But I could tell she knew
If we became each other’s muse
That we would hit the news
Making magic in the blues

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