Lyrics for Lucky Numbers by Dave Stewart from the album Lucky Numbers

LYRICS FOR Lucky Numbers

Man in casino shouts “hey dave”
Girl on roulette table asks
“Are you gambling today dave”?
Man in casino shouts
“You gambling today man”?

Strolled into the hard rock casino
I said laissez les bons temps rouler
Les bons temps rouler
Cause I’ll be winning all night
Using my lucky numbers

In comes genie
With her first card an ace
Gun under the table
And a smile on her face
Yes, a smile on her face
Then I turned two of mine,
Was a 6 and 9
She said, “That’s my lucky number”

I said, genie can I sleep with you
Don’t want the money
All I really want to do
Is to sleep with you
She said “ok baby, that’s fine with me
Cause now you’re my lucky number”

We were playing skinny minnie
Till the break of dawn
Was laughing and winning all night long
I mean, all night long
Then she said “you wouldn’t
Cheat on me now
Would you?
With those lucky numbers”

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