Lyrics for Lovers Game by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson from the album Hollie Stephenson

LYRICS FOR Lovers Game

Too hard to surrender, yeah
And the pain controls my head
My eyes are flooded
With these dried out tears
And our memories are left unsaid

This is a lovers game
I’m not ready to play
You’re pulling me under
And I’m helplessly falling for you
It’s a big mistake
I shouldn’t make
What’s done is done
When it’s over
We are through

I fall to my knees
And people passing by T
hey’re saying
Help her please
And there are those times in life
I want to close my eyes and
Not have to breathe anymore


I can’t go on like this anymore
Now things, they’ve got to change
Now I, I just can’t conform
To the rules of your game

[Chorus x2]

4991 - Dave Stewart And Hollie Stephenson - Hollie Stephenson - Worldwide - CD - DSE234091