Lyrics for Love Is A Stranger by Eurythmics from the album Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

LYRICS FOR Love Is A Stranger

love is a stranger in an open car
to tempt you in and drive you far away
and i want you
and i want you
and i want you so
it’s an obsession

love is a danger of a different kind
to take you away and leave you far behind
and love love love
is a dangerous drug
you have to receive it
and you still can’t get enough of the stuff

it’s savage and it’s cruel
and it shines like destruction
comes in like a flood
and it seems like religion
it’s noble and it’s brutal
it distorts and deranges
and it wrenches you up
and you’re left like a zombie

it’s guilt edged glamorous
and sleek by design
you know it’s jealous by nature
false and unkind
it’s hard and restrained
and it’s totally cool
it touches and it teases
as you stumble in the debris

0345 - Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - The UK - LP - PL-70014