Lyrics for Look For Tomorrow by Dave Stewart and Jimmy Nellis from the album Sort Of Normal

LYRICS FOR Look For Tomorrow

Rumbling round in my mind
Is the memory of you
Taking me into tomorrow
I got lost when you left me
That night I didn’t mean it
I’m sorry
If you ever feel that way again
You’ll see how much I care
I’m lost without you
If you’re not too busy
Can we talk and
Let’s get back together
And look for tomorrow
I really liked that dress you wore
Sort of
I didn’t say it at the time
But it was rolling my eyes
My head went to the ???? a bit
And my mother said you must
Be crazy going out with me
If you’re not too busy
Could you be crazy again and

I lost one of my shoes that night
I don’t know where
I think I left it on the bus
Probably when I fell down the stairs
I’ve been wondering
What kind of girl would make me
Lose myself so bad.
My mother said it’d have to be
Someone crazy like me
Be crazy and


2178 - Dave Stewart And Jimmy Nellis - Sort Of Normal - The UK - CD - NERVCD3