Lyrics for Intro Speech by Eurythmics from the single Step On The Beast

LYRICS FOR Intro Speech


Stewart Here,

Stewart, Stewart of The Eurythmics

And we’ve just been finishing making an LP and we’re now going of to the south seas for a little holiday. So we thought we’d drop you a few lines in the shape of a cassette

Now we had 4 extra tracks on the LP which we thought what the bugger do we do with these, so I thought well stick them on a cassette and toss them in the way of all these people and see if they can fathom something out of it because if you can give us a ring because we just have no idea what to do with all the songs, we have tapes piling up all over the floor, anyway hope you have a nice time just now and very best of luck for the rest of your life.

Enjoy yourself now, bye bye

5087 - Eurythmics - Step On The Beast - The UK - Promo Cassette Single - EUC001