Lyrics for In The Pouring Rain by Dave Stewart and Bob Geldof from the album Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere

LYRICS FOR In The Pouring Rain

Everybody’s gonna catch their death

In the pouring rain

Everybody better hold their breath

In the pouring rain

Everybody’s gonna walk on by

Everbody hide away

Everbody’s gonna pull their blinds

And stay inside and pass these days

I know I’ve seen a lot

Lord knows sometimes I’ve cried

But I know we can’t sit like this

And shake our fists

While lovers kiss and die

In the pouring rain

I was hungry and I’m hungry still

And now it’s pouring rain

I look o.k. but I’ve been feeling ill

And now it’s pouring rain

Well hush now baby, don’t you cry

Tears won’t wipe away the pain

There’s a storm been blowing through the night

That’s washed us down with lethal rain

Sometime’s this world’s too big

Sometime’s we feel too small

Sometimes you’ll have to pick me up

When I grow tired

Stumble, trip and fall

In the pouring rain

I’m gonna walk on by

Don’t wanna see you cry

I’m gonna walk on by

In the pouring rain

2143 - Dave Stewart And Bob Geldof - Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere - The UK - CD - 830607-2