Lyrics for I Can’t Say No by Dave Stewart and Jonathan Perkins from the album Snake Talk


If you don’t understand this feeling that I’ve got
Can’t you remember all those things that I am not
So what was happening is happening again
I can’t control myself not now not even then

So here it comes, here it comes right now
I can’t say no, want it now

Falling through a cloudless sky
The heaven you left is overgrown and dying
Drowning in an ocean so high
Love keeps breathing because love keeps fighting
Standing in the doorway of time
When your colours are cracked and your tears need drying
Thinking is this body of mine
Smoke fills the sky from the gun you’re firing

My pretty angel flying free from all this hate
My baby swings so high but soon the bough will break

2181 - Dave Stewart And Jonathan Perkins - Snake Talk - The UK - CD - ZD74814