Lyrics for Honest by Dave Stewart and The Spiritual Cowboys from the album Honest


Now Jerry was no architect
But she sure knew how to put out all the lights
I once watched her walk right
Through a plate glass window
And never even look hack
Now here I am talking about all her good points
I never did think she had any bad
Though friends told me she could be cruel
And vicious
At one time she was the best friend that I had
And I hope she can hear
I hope she feels good
I hope she was the best or everything
And I hope she feels like a million dollars
And I hope she knows I was always honest
Now Jerry was a main-line angel
She never came home at night
She slept where the wind would take her
In her P.V.C thigh length boots
Make-up black and solid
Fingernails bitten by teeth so close
To perfection only marred by
Seven years of obvious fake prescriptions
That were one way or making
Sure that she never saw the daylight
Before wearing her sunglasses over
Breakfast with her Italian girlfriend
In a post blitz kid stupor
Saying “How ya doin’, Davy boy”
You know you’re such a trooper
And I hope you feel good
And I hope you feel like a million dollars
And I hope you know that I was
Always…. Honest

0277 - Spiritual Cowboys - Honest - The UK - LP - PL-75081