Lyrics for Heavy Rain by Dave Stewart and Hall and Oates from the album Change Of Season


Heavy rain, lightning too

Heavy rain, when I’m with you

Seems like a thousand years

SInce we both felt free

We’ve seen a million faces

All staring at you and me

But just like Humphrey Bogart said

Before he passed out on his bed

Here’s looking at you kid

And the rocky road ahead

Heavy rain, lightning too

Heavy rain when I’m with you

You know the thunder comes like a lion’s roar

But it leaves me now

When you walk out the door

Listen to that northern wind

It’s singing a sad old song

A melody so sick and tired

Been blowing much too long

Ain’t it time to feel the weather change

You know it’s overdue

Love is gone, we can’t go on

Pretending old is new

Rain down

And the daylight comes

As a sweet surprise

Heavy rain

Filling up my eyes

Heavy rain

2156 - Dave Stewart And Hall And Oates - Change Of Season - The UK - CD - 260548