Lyrics for Harrys Song

by Dave Stewart and Ringo Starr

LYRICS FOR Harrys Song

Like the songs of long ago
Never fast, and not too slow
And now that you’re telling me
Some things should last forever
In other days and different times
When you and Moon would always rhyme
A boy and a girl romancing
Dancing together

Music played this way
All I need is my imagination
Take me far away
Where I can be with everyone who loves me

Harry was a friend most true
He sang songs like this for me and you
Whenever I’m here without you
Pressed in together


[Verse 2]
Can we get back the past?
(The way of knowing)
How do we make it last?
(Just keep on growing)
Tomorrow is a yesterday
‘Cause nothing ever goes away
The love that is living inside you
Will guide you forever