Lyrics for Hard Way by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson from the album Hollie Stephenson


When the day has come to an end yeah
And I feel like we are no longer friends
I think to myself oh what have I done?
I look in the mirror what have I become?

I’ll learn the hard way again
I’ll learn the hard way again
Reunited with my best friend
I’ll learn the hard way again

What’s is happening? Take me away
This can’t be done without any pain
it’s gonna be one of my countless mistakes
And I think, And I think it over
And I know, I know what’s gonna happen
Yeah but I don’t, But I don’t really care
I’m just living in the moment
As I flip back my hair

[CHORUS x 2]

4991 - Dave Stewart And Hollie Stephenson - Hollie Stephenson - Worldwide - CD - DSE234091