Lyrics for Hard Road by Longdancer from the album Trailer For A Good Life


Out on the road again
The people pass you by
They know not where you are going
Or ask the reason why
But the highway’s wide
It’s an easy ride
And they say you’re going high
But hold on Joe till the end of the road
And look for warning signs.

Cause it’s a hard road
With a heavy load
And it’s got to be a hard road
Till the story’s told
And you’ve got to learn to feel cold
When the dice are rolled
And when you really think you’ve lost hold
You know you’ve just found your soul

The town’s the same
And the road’s to blame
For the feelings you disguise
And you look for something that you need
Among the faces and the smiles
But the words you yearned
Can be easily turned
From a lie into a sigh
So hold on Joe if you worry don’t you know
You could lose your mind.

0255 - Longdancer - Trailer For A Good Life - The UK - LP - PIG L6