Lyrics for Happiness by Platinum Weird from the album Make Believe

LYRICS FOR Happiness

I can turn the grey more blue
Give me a chance I’ll show you
How to go from good to bad to worse
Then you’ll see my greatest gift
Is falling down and taking ft
Cause everything feels better when hurts my biggest thirst

Is Happiness
In all kinds of weather
For worse or for better
I’ll have it anyway
But Happiness
Can’t last forever
You know there’s never
Pleasure without the pain

Here it comes again

I used to dream of oceans wide
Somewhere in another life
I am floating far from everything

I need someone to pull me back
From the edge of where I’m at
Cause if I hit the bottom one more time
I’ll never find

2410 - Platinum Weird - Make Believe - The USA - CD - B0007729-02