Lyrics for Green She Said by Dave Stewart and Brian Harrison from the single Girl Ep

LYRICS FOR Green She Said

Green she said
Like things I’ve never seen she said
The colours of your mind
Like shadows left behind
I’ll tell you what they mean
She said
I’m making rainbows with my world
She smiled
I’ve painted lies around my heartbreak house
And watched her hands and
Analysed and

Red she said
Like youthful passions fled she said
The scarlet of goodbye
The silence and the cry
The dance she never led
She said
I’m making rainbows with her word she sighed
I watched the stars surround the night time sky
And heard her words, still criticised.

And when the sun had touched the morning sky
I saw the light that made the window bright
And found the dreams that kept me feeling blue
I said
I’m blue enough for two I said
The visions of the past
The dreams that wouldn’t last
The old inside the new
I said

Perhaps tomorrow’s coming fast
True she said
Painted me and you

1427 - Dave Stewart And Brian Harrison - Girl EP - The UK - 7" Single - MULT-SH-1