Lyrics for Goodbye My Love by Platinum Weird from the album Make Believe

LYRICS FOR Goodbye My Love

In dust and darkness

You saved my life

I needed what you had

I needed your light

You took me in

And then you watched me go

You told me things about myself

That I’d never know

Goodbye, goodbye my love
Goodbye, goodbye you other one
Goodbye, goodbye goodbye my love

All good things come undone

I hate to be leaving

But why would I stay

I don’t have the freedom

To chose anyway

You knew I’d crumble

Oh you’d seen it all before

But those are the kind of problems

We choose to ignore

We danced, we danced, we danced

Goodbye goodbye goodbye

My love my love my love




2410 - Platinum Weird - Make Believe - The USA - CD - B0007729-02