Lyrics for Good Morning by Dave Stewart and Indya Love from the single Good Morning

LYRICS FOR Good Morning

Oh Good Morning
It feels different today
I never met you but I knew it was

Oh Good Morning
You’re probably wondering why I’m here
I Just wanted to disappear
Let’s keep on Walking

Good Morning
I know I should’ve stayed with them
A Devil whispered in my ear
and I have chosen

Good Morning
What’s it like in these clouds
I’ve heard stories about you and I’ve been

Good Morning Oh Good Morning
I knew we’d get along one day
Mama said you like Vanilla Ice Cream
and stealing Spoons in Cafes

Oh Good Morning
What do you do every day
they probably want a sign
let’s show them Something

Good Morning
You have the face they said you did
I knew we would laugh together
and keep talking

Good Morning
Lets keep on smiling with tears in our eyes
and let them sit
and wonder why

Oh Good Morning Oh Good Morning
I see your necklace filled with jade
wild Pink Roses in gardens
We were tailor-made oh

Good Morning
To you down there I hope you know that I’m alright
I’m with the angels flying
High, High, High

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