Lyrics for Fashion Bomb by Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys from the album Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys

LYRICS FOR Fashion Bomb

I know her footsteps like the back of my hand
I heard her coming though she was walking on sand
I could smell her perfume from a 1,000 smiles away
stuck in my head yeah it stuck in my brain
She looked so good and I thought she could have been
A fashion bomb a fashion bomb
Looked so nervous she look so afraid
Looked like somebody had just stepped on her grave
Last night at the control centre
She lost c-c-c-complet control (oh no)
She lost her mind now she’s one of a kind
A fashion bomb a fashion bomb
She’s radio active you can see it in her eyes
radioactive from her hips to her thighs
radioactive she could kill you with one kiss
radioactive she said what do you think of this
I’m such a big girl and I’m gonna show the world
I’m a fashion bomb a fashion bomb
I work all day and l work all night
I sleep on corners where vampires bite
My place is riddled with machine gun fire
But I stlll look pretty and my body’s for hire
Say a goodbye to Joni from the real world
Say goodbye to Mary she’s such a stupid girl
She knows what’s coming but she’s got no defense
She just can’t stop it though it doesn’t make no sense
Here comes the bitch she’s much too rich to be a fashion bomb…
Ad libs to fade

0437 - Spiritual Cowboys - Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys - The UK - CD - PD-74710