Lyrics for Faith Healing by Dave Stewart and Sylvie Marechal from the album Faith Healing

LYRICS FOR Faith Healing

Oh, I witnessed something so special
It was on the sixth of June
On the borders of lake Konztanz
Beyond the city’s ruins
In a village almost forgotten
Whose life had long since passed
Whose Worries were all over
Whose shadows had all been cast

-faith, faith healing

It was there I met a stranger
Who told me of a girl
Who’s speaking revelations
Like from another world
This village had a river
And from the river ran a stream
It was there I arranged a meeting
By a Weepin willow tree
By a Weepin willow tree

-Faith healing

She pulled back the leafy curtain
She truly was in awe
For there was sat the most beautiful girl,
She had ever seen before, she wore no cloth,
No leather, just golden flaxen hair
And her eyes were of the deep deep blue
With such a hypnotic stare

-Faith, faith healing

She offered me her foot to kiss
She said: all your faith is healed
And you must now be homeward bound

Faith healing…faith

2174 - Dave Stewart And Sylvie Marechal - Faith Healing - The UK - CD - 74321134992