Lyrics for Evy Waters by Dave Stewart and Soft Parade from the album Puur


Evy Waters
When will Evy fall?
(When will Evy Waters fall)
When will she understand it all?
(When will Evy Waters fall)
Why watch out what you say?
It’ll be worse next day. Why bother?
Let us give away what’s on your mind
Just change the words next day
For another.
Why watch out what you do?
We all take after you, little Evy
You just give away your smile
We love to see your style.
Show your style!
Sweet little Evy, you’re my girl
Sweet little Evy, who cares about the world?
At least you speak in colours that rainbows don’t contain. Can’t contain.
Keep on telling Evy, tomorrow will remain
Your beauty’s still the same

2191 - Dave Stewart And Soft Parade - Puur - The UK - CD - ANX2000CD