Lyrics for Everything I Do Is Wrong by Dave Stewart and Kaya Stewart from the album Kaya Stewart

LYRICS FOR Everything I Do Is Wrong

Everything I do is wrong
Everything I say is wrong
And I think overall
I’m done, I’m done
Is there anything you need to say to me
‘Cause right now I’m finding it hard to see
That there’s a lesson to be learned
Each day you seem more concerned

Everything I think is wrong
All my mistakes in all
And I think overall
I’m done, I’m done
I don’t need a push off the edge
I promise I won’t lose my head
It all seems to go too slow
We’re both ready to let go

In my mind I was close
Words were stuck in my throat
Holding hands at the intersection
I was part of the band
Falling to your demands
I was in line for resurrection
Now I’m seeing the end
It’s just around the bend

don’t wanna
Never wanna go home

4984 - Dave Stewart And Kaya Stewart - Kaya Stewart - The USA - CD - 549436-2