Lyrics for Energy by Superheavy from the album Superheavy


We’ve got the ingredients
To uplift your music and experience
And it’s no coincidence that we’re hosting events
And there’re no incidents

This cultural one stop shop
Mixin’ pot just for your convenience
And the flows that we implement has a global influence
Let me tell you this

When the cameras flash and the genres clash
It become the sweetest accident
No fear and no license
So we’re driving and crashing all over the continents

And the vibration that keep on purging your soul
Like antioxidants
Stand up, get up, jump up, get wild, get mad
Like you don’t have no common sense

I said hey, I need your crazy energy
I said hey, I need your violent chemistry, yes I do
I said hey, I want a love to set me free
I said hey, why don’t you, why don’t you give it up to me?

I’ve got the evidence, gotta cast iron case
Got the best defense
We’ve got tradition, got erudition
We’re not afraid to experiment

Smashing up new beats, form the west to east
From NY down to Surinam
So give it up, pull it down
And to hell with all the prejudice

4152 - Superheavy - Superheavy - The UK - LP - 2781842