Lyrics for Dust Under Carpet by Dave Stewart and Abdel Wright from the album Abdel Wright

LYRICS FOR Dust Under Carpet

Law makers a break it
Poor people the target
Some problems them sweep it
Like dust under carpet

The justice system no tek it so light
Nuff youth get mash up
Nuff lose dem life
It mention fe a time
Then it put one side
Dat no right
Remember when them tek the street
People them go dump
Now them sitting quite easy pon them rump
Them conscience want bury cause it stink like skunk
Them judgment

Chorus repeat…

Sometimes we have to wake up the ant’s nest
And don’t give a damn who want vex
A them mek the law and a them break it
That a foolishness
Fe corrupt ghetto youths that a Babylon style
Cold blooded murderers and some alibis
False statements cover up them lies, lies

Chorus repeat…

You never know where the wind blows
You never know, you never know
One day the dust will get exposed
Then you deeds will show
Why you waste time put your finger inna ink?
Politics promises gone as you blink
Yow ghetto youth yu fe know who unu link
Corruption ship must sink
Government and them nice fancy speech
They don’t practice what they preach
Them inside dirty though them outside clean
Them disguising

Chorus repeat…

2458 - Dave Stewart And Abdel Wright - Abdel Wright - The UK - CD - B0001931-02