Lyrics for Dried Out Lies by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson from the album Hollie Stephenson

LYRICS FOR Dried Out Lies

I walk this earth alone
With a brave heart that is tender,
And a smile that is grazed
Now I wont be one that you can remember,
But I’ll think of you every day

Yes it was dried out lies,
Living in restless eyes,
I’m awake at night,
This bird has flown from paradise

Is the last breath that you breathed to me
the finale of what our love’s become?
And I’m guilty, I was fooled,
And now I can’t stop loving you


You objectified me, so it was easy to leave,
Easy to slice me with your caustic fongue,
Your sublime imitations of loving man
Fooled a judge and a family man


4991 - Dave Stewart And Hollie Stephenson - Hollie Stephenson - Worldwide - CD - DSE234091