Lyrics for Deathless Dance by Dave Stewart and Ann Marie Calhoun from the album Deathless Dance

LYRICS FOR Deathless Dance

Don’t you weep for me
I am not in this grave
Each day in my spirit flies
Into another place
I can be love itself
And dance among the stars
Then starts my new romance
Inside this deathless dance

Dance so the world will mirror your love
So the stars will shine from your eyes
So your lover will lay down and die
In the deathless dance.

To join this deathless dance
You find a perfect mate
You show your naked soul
You open mystic gates
And then you realise
You see your lover new
Reflected in your glance
You see the deathless dance

All that you do is right
It’s time to take a chance
You shape the universe
So join this deathless dance

4031 - Dave Stewart And Ann Marie Calhoun - Deathless Dance - The USA - CD - AMC-CD01