Lyrics for Dealing From The Bottom by Dave Stewart from the album The Ringmaster General

LYRICS FOR Dealing From The Bottom

I could see it in her eyes
That she was dealing from the bottom
Her stare was cold as ice
And just like Johnny Rotten
She’d been everywhere I’d been
Seen all the people at sea
I knew that she could never come clean
Not even in her dreams

I could taste it on her lips
That she was dealing from the bottom
And even when she stripped
Right down to skin and cotton
She was still making a plan
A million dollars and a man
She’d get it anyway that she can
Even with a gun in her hand

I’ve been around this world
So many times that I’ve forgotten
And I can see it in her smile
That she was dealing from the bottom
But I was still under her spell
I’m sure everybody could tell
I knew that I could go to hell
But I’d go there with a rebel yell

4132 - Dave Stewart - The Ringmaster General - The USA - LP - 640424999384