Lyrics for Cry Baby by Dave Stewart from the single On Fire – B-Side


Yeah you always play smart
At least you covered up where you were going
You had me half believing
That you were in my blood
Then I opened up your letter
And you gave yourself away
With your crazy schemes and your scarlet dreams
And your words of sweet decay

Thought I heard you crying
I heard you crying
You’d better stop trying

That night you held me close
And you whispered in my ear
You said that all was not forgiven
And there’s one thing that you must not clear
Time has left an open wound
And I am like the salt
That tries to heal but makes you feel
That it was all my fault

Then I heard you crying
I could hear you crying
But you’d better stop trying

Now you make me feel like a poisoned rose
From the wishing well
While you were there upon back row
With all your friends, your poetry books and spells?
You know you can make your own future
You just slept and turned to grey
Well I’ve done it once and I could do it again
And watch you fade away

I could hear you crying
Oh Yes

Oh Yes


2238 - Spiritual Cowboys - On Fire - France - 7" Single - PB-44285