Lyrics for Cruel by Dave Stewart and Bryan Ferry from the album Frantic


My sun is set–and my day is done
When I turn to the east I can see no dawn
But iron horse come–buffalo gone
Like blades of grass they cut us all down

Yes I know what it is to be free
To run as far as the eye can see
But long knife come–buffalo gone
Like blades of grass they cut us all down

Why in the world are you so cruel?

Here is a girl who’s working in a factory
Spends all her time there thinking what she want to be
She got no boyfriend–she got no window
She just a lonely heart–it’s tearing me apart

There’s a boy now doesn’t have a word to say
Cat got your tongue now–night to night and day to day
He got no girlfriend–he got no money
He just a lonely heart–it’s tearing me apart

Why in the world are you so cruel?

Everywhere I go there’s a world full of heartbreak
Hole in the sky now–tell me where for God’s sake
Where is that sunshine? Where is that rainbow?
Who got an answer here? Tell me what I want to know

Nobody knows the trouble I see
Nobody cares–nobody but me
And James Bond, Jackie O, Johnnie Ray and Garbo
Who got an answer here? Tell me what I want to know

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2140 - Dave Stewart And Bryan Ferry - Frantic - The UK - CD - CDVIR167