Lyrics for Country Song by Longdancer from the album Trailer For A Good Life

LYRICS FOR Country Song

We’ve got to head out for the country
Place to unwind
But I feel too much like asking
Instead of taking what is mine
Yet it’s the only way to see the days
It’s the only time to try
Seeing only what’s before you and nothing besides

So hard to be someone
I’ve tried so hard and there’s something wrong
So hard to be alive, be alive,
Thinking about your only song
I get that somethin’ better
Go make it alone
It feels that so much better
When I’m heading out for home

In the greyness of an age gone by
That swallows up my mind
I’m just sitting here in darkness
Just like a long lost child
But then faces show where there’s something to go
See yourself playing the role
Too many wandering minstrels staying at home

Thinking maybe I could save your day
Well I’m a wrong man to call
I’d just stand and watch your sales figures slide
Then I’ll climb down before I’d fall
But I’ll be happy painting pictures
That are hanging on your wall
But they’d never pay the price
For what they’re worth in scrawl.

0255 - Longdancer - Trailer For A Good Life - The UK - LP - PIG L6