Lyrics for Cold Love by Longdancer from the album Trailer For A Good Life


In a softly lighted room
An old maid spins at her loom
Her fingers are cold with the frosty air
But as graceful as her old grey hair

And cold are her thoughts of the life that she leads
Like the design on the cloth she weaves

She blows the candles light away
And draws an end to her dreary day
Shuffles her way up the stairs
To another night and one more nightmare

And cold are her thoughts of a man that she knew
Her so called true lover did not prove true

Every day she’ll sit alone
And curse the ground that all men walk on
Each time her sewing needle makes a hole
She’ll curse her lovers very soul

And cold is her body now
With one million lines upon her brow

0255 - Longdancer - Trailer For A Good Life - The UK - LP - PIG L6