Lyrics for Christmas in LA

by Dave Stewart

LYRICS FOR Christmas in LA

They say that Moscow
Can be delightful
With the rooftops
Covered in the snow
And that London
Is a wonderful place to go
I know that Paris can be charming
When all the girls come out to play
But I’m spending Christmas in LA

I don’t want to go to Bejing
Christmas shopping all alone
All the sites that are amazing
I’ve got so much more at home

The Costa Brava
In Catalonia
Is a popular part of Spain
But it doesn’t seem so appealing
In the rain
Miami can be clammy
On a cloudy Winters day
So i’d rather spend my Christmas in LA

I could take her to Alaska
To see a lonely caribou
I only hope that when I ask her
She says “no” I want to stay home with you

I don’t want to go to Tokyo
And be a Tokyo Joe
Spend all day in the bathouse
I’ve got a better place to go
Now in Jamaica
I have paradise
Waiting for me
In St Anne’s bay
I know that jah won’t fly away
Ive got plenty of time
To watch the river flow
I’ll save it for another day
Cos Im spending Christmas in LA

Im spending Christmas in LA