Lyrics for Candy by Dave Stewart and The Wilsons from the album The Wilsons


I saw her there at the back of the bus
slipping in and out of consciousness
Some guy was blowing smoke into her mouth
laughing with a madman’s look on his face
and she was smiling
She was on cloud eight
missing her stops
playing with fate
with no one to hold her
and no one to see
She falls to the floor and whispers to me
in the dark, in the dusk, in the dawning…
I’m Candy
How sweet is my name
I’m everybody’s daughter
But no one seems to know her
I’m Candy
And you’re all to blame
Your American daughter
One more for the slaughter
In the walls of her mind
There’s a girl another time
and she’s dancing in the park
and in her mother’s arms
with her mother’s heart
And they’re laughing in the rain
And here she is a laughing again
It’s not funny anymore
to hear her whisper from behind the door
in the dark, in the dusk, in the dawning
Can you understand Candy?
Candy can’t understand…
In the day, in the dark
in the dusk, ’til the dawn…
She don’t understand…

2195 - Dave Stewart And The Wilsons - The Wilsons - Europe - CD - 536105-2