Lyrics for Broken Heartstrings by Dave Stewart and Hollie Stephenson from the album Hollie Stephenson

LYRICS FOR Broken Heartstrings

I need to find the time to make it up to you
No, I can’t blame you
for not wanting to be my friend
Yeah you know I’ve said sorry so many many
times before
So here’s the apology that you’ve been
waiting for
Like have you ever cried under
your weeping willow?
Or buried your head deep into the soul
of your pillow?
Have you ever had a quart of tears
Flood your floor?
Wailing I’m so sorry
I just can’t take this anymore

Cos you Keep on tugging at my broken heartstrings
I keep telling myself it’s gonna be alright
Yeah but you
Keep on tugging at my broken heartstrings
Everything we do ends up in a fight

I’ve walked many miles
In your shoes and all I have gleaned

Is the cruelty in you
Yeah I have
Penetrated my arms and wrists
Inscribing you
Exposed my flesh to the nights sky oh
Who’s judging who


They are my broken heartstrings..

4991 - Dave Stewart And Hollie Stephenson - Hollie Stephenson - Worldwide - CD - DSE234091