Lyrics for Bomb On The Beach by Dave Stewart and Sylvie Marechal from the album Faith Healing

LYRICS FOR Bomb On The Beach

Every day made by God
I just can’t get a job
But I keep on walking
Yes I still keep praying
I’ve got a love at all
To get something would be a miracle

I’ve been down so long
That it looks like Up
There’s Something missing
But I just can’t say
Living day to day
Cross the Seven Seas
Just try and find The rebel yell in me

You know that when I try
To link pretty good
I just can’t even find
Somebody to dream with
I’m like a child lost in the wood
I just can’t understand
How to be good …

Spread myself to thin
Fill my cup to the brim
I’m too busy to drink
While I’m learning to drown

.. I’m as lonely as a bomb on the beach
You know you only get the fruit you can reach

2174 - Dave Stewart And Sylvie Marechal - Faith Healing - The UK - CD - 74321134992