Lyrics for Ballad To Hillary by Longdancer from the album If It Was So Simple

LYRICS FOR Ballad To Hillary

Gaze your way through the city streets,
And wonder where you are,
No-One can stop you if you don’t want to,
Sing a song by candlelight,
And wonder through your heart,
No-One was really born to wonder.

Take a look around your own back yard,
and see what you can find,
No-one has really seen you lonely,
Who will you be
Who were you then,
And who are you tonight,
Are you going to be as lonely asever.

Can you say,
that your life would not change,
If you threw all this away,
And left it all behind,
So listen to the garden grow,
And wonder why you stay,
N-one will change unless they want to,
Sit down in a darkened room,
And think of who you are,
Nothing is stopping you from leaving.

0296 - Longdancer - If It Was So Simple - The UK - LP - PIGL 1