Lyrics for Ball Of Wax by Dave Stewart from the album Ghost The Musical


“Hospital Ghost: Shot huh? That will do it every time, poor kid

Sam: Who are you, what am I doing here?

Hospital Ghost: Now listen young man, there’s so much to tell

First let me assure you that this isn’t hell

It aint heaven either so you might as well relax

Cause this my son is a whole new ball of wax

It aint like before and can be lonely at first

There’s an echo of hunger and not quite a thirst

And if you thought it was over with a tag on your toe

And a bag with a zipper well im afraid it aint so

Sam: I don’t have time for this

Hospital Ghost: Once you understand there’s no hurry to wait

You don’t have to worry cause you’ll never be late

There’s no rush at all and once you get in the flow

You’ll learn that eternity is steady as you go

There’s not much here to do so if you’re feeling blue

I got a trick that will help see you through

It’s a little dance we like to do

And we’d be happy to teach it to you

It goes something like this

That kinda works for me

Let me tell you a secret

Doors aint as bad as you think

Zip zap, they aint nothing at all

You’ll see!

Sam: Who are all these people?

Hospital Ghost: Who are they? They’re ghosts

Sam: Ghosts?

Hospital Ghost: Yeah, like us

Sam: No this isn’t happening

I am not dead

Ghost: Hey, you look dead to me

Sam: I’m too young to die!

Ghost: That’s what everyone says

Sam: But I’m not ready.

Do you understand me, I’m not ready.

Ghosts: Who’s ready?

Hey nobody’s ready

Sam: No, can somebody help me please? Anybody?

Ghost: Scream all you want, nobody’s listening

You can yell all day, they can’t hear us

They don’t hear a word

Sam: How did you all get here?

Ghosts: I was supposed to be in Chicago

We were a mile from the church; the car ran off the road

It was the biggest tornado

It’s just like no time, so don’t put up a fight

No more than full time, cause there’s no day or night

Just let it flow time, cause there’s no end in sight

You know there’s no time, we’re on the other side

No time, slow time

Look out the low time

Doctor: Hurry, we’re loosing her

Apply compression

Hospital Ghost: She’s not gonna make it

I’ve seen it I know

It’s either look up above

Or look out below

You never know which way the winds gonna blow

Up or down it’s a crash

Who knows where they’ll go

We’re getting down to brass tacks

Like I told you before, it’s a whole new ball of wax

Doctor: She’s gone

Ghosts: There is no day, there is no night

Sam: No, no I can’t watch this

I wanna go back

I wanna go back

Ghosts: There’s no way of fighting, so go with the ride

Don’t worry, don’t hurry, just let it all slide

You can’t do it all because there’s no going back

We get you reminded, but there’s nothing you lack

We’re all human history, it’s always a mystery

Some peasant, some bard, some girl we don’t know

But till the moment you really don’t know

Its like we told you before, it’s a whole new ball of wax”

4048 - Dave Stewart - Ghost The Musical - The UK - CD - CDGHOST1