Lyrics for Baby It’s You by Dave Stewart from the album Ebony McQueen

LYRICS FOR Baby It's You

Sometimes I just lay
In my bed all day
Got nothing going on
In my head
Nothing to say
Then I wake up
In the middle of the night:
With my brain on fire
I just got to write
In 50 pages
There’s nothing new
Because over and over
I write baby oh baby it’s you

One day I’m gonna
Pick up the pieces and live
That’s when I’ve got
Something left I can give
But until then
I’ll just walk the streets
Till the sun comes up
Again to meet me
Straight in my eyes
And I’m looking scared
Cos there’s something missing
And baby oh baby that’s you

The party’s over
And the lights are so bright
My heart is racing
Fight or flight
There’s only one person
That can pull me through
Save me from myself
A one man wrecking crew
So hold me close
And tell me it’s true
Come on say it girl
Baby, oh baby that’s you

6769 - Dave Stewart - Ebony McQueen - Worldwide - LP Boxset - 5024545936810