Lyrics for As You Like It

by Dave Stewart


Ha-ha, Here we go!

Oh yeah!

Mrs. McGarvey’s man joined the army
Said he was going off to war
He’d send her a letter when things would get better
And she kept it safe in the kitchen drawer

Then she met Charlie at her friend’s party
He said, you look lonely on your own
He started to tamper in the back of his camper
Mrs. McGarvey began to moan

Oh, how time flies like a whizz
(Especially when you’re enjoying yourself)
And oh what a lovely boy he is (who?)

Mr. McGarvey back from the army (yeah right)
Everything went according to plan (his plan)
He missed the target was living in Margate
Dressed as a busty barmaid, named Anne
(and she was cute too)

Oh how time brings out the truth
(Brings out the truth in everybody)

So when he called from the telephone booth
(from around the corner, guess who answered? Who?)

Little boy Charlie (hello) he’s three and a half now
He strings together a sentence or two
(Who are you on the line)
So a few minutes later who arrives at the gate but
Mr. McGarvey in some high heeled shoes
(Very nice, they are)

Oh how time plies like a whizz (Wooo yes it does)
Oh what a lovely girl he is

Now everyone’s happy we just call him pappy
And let Charlie do the rest
It’s nothing like Shakespeare but that’s how I got here
Oh what the bird hath done to her own nest

(As you like it)