Lyrics for Angels and Demons by The Tourists from the album Luminous Basement

LYRICS FOR Angels and Demons

I always knew that
You wanted to say
You always knew there’d
Be a price to pay
Like freezing nights
In some cold stark lights
When you said everyone must fight
(Everyone must fight
That’s what you said
Everyone must fight)

A hotel room on a summers day
We laughed a lot and we got blown away
You told me all about yourself
You said you didn’t
Care for no-one else
Oh no (you said you didn’t care;
Didn’t care for no-one else,
No-one but yourself)

But I can tell you that
It just ain’t true
I’m sure you love someone
And someone loves you too
Any port in a storm is OK
You blow my mind with
All the things you say
(You know you blow my mind
You blow my mind away
With all those things you say)
Across the ocean and up in the sky
I had to close my eyes
And wonder why
Why do you choose to live this way
I can dig those games you play
Angels and demons and screaming saints
You’re all normal and they’re insane
They stand alone in the fallout rain
You’re all hung up on little pains
Yea Yea (everyone’s hung up)

0726 - The Tourists - Luminous Basement - The UK - LP - RCALP 5001