Lyrics for All My Sorrow by Platinum Weird from the album Platinum Weird

LYRICS FOR All My Sorrow

So the story goes
I am wading here for you
And maybe thats not right
But it’s all that’s left to do
Cause I’m falling
Through this melody
If only you could catch me take me save me
What am Ito do with all my sorrow
What am I supposed to do,teII me what the hell to do
It’s hard to take the promise of tomorrow
Every moment comes to soon
If I could throw mine all away
Then I’d have the strength to face
Your sorrow, too
Don’t look at me like that
Cause you know that I will break (down)
Cause I can see that you’re at the edge and it’s not safe
To be falling through my melody
Cause baby I can’t catch you, take you save us
If you I could catch you take you save us

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