Lyrics for All About The People by Dave Stewart and Jon Stevens from the album Starlight

LYRICS FOR All About The People

It’s all about the people yeah (x4)

You know we got to find the simple things
Oh, with just a touch of your hand
Now we can get it right,
Or we can get it wrong
We gotta want the same thing
Oh, that only love can bring

And what we started
May be already gone
But let’s get it all back
And be strong

Oh, every day
It’s all about the people yeah (x4)

Sometimes I don’t know what to give
Say to get rid of this loneliness
All night, I keep trying to find
Some peace of mind
All day, all day, staying underground

Don’t let it break you down
All those things that get said
Cause love comes naturally
Let’s find a way

Oh, every day
It’s all about the people yeah (x4)
An eye for an eye, make a blind man see
Lock a brother down
Yet our mnds still free
Oh God look what our world could be
If in love we all believed
The higher power we could all achieve
Is happiness.
It’s all about the people, we’re all equal
What’s this madness then?

Those supposed to protect are taking our lives
It’s hard to reconcile,
When the positives don’t survive
In a world of negatives
Yeah, we need to feel pride

Forgive and forget
For those who matter don’t mind

Know inside
Everything’s gonna be just fine
Through the darkest of times
We can bring new light
This is how we rock n roll
This is how we jive
So everybody just sing it one damn more time

It’s all about the people yeah (x2)
You and me, me and you (x2)

It’s alright, we’re gonna sleep tight
Don’t be afraid of the shadows in the night
It’s alright, we’re gonna sleep tight
We’re gonna wake up in the morning light

4997 - Dave Stewart And Jon Stevens - Starlight - Worldwide - CD - LIB203CD