Lyrics for Alice Don’t Leave By The Fire Escape by Dave Stewart and Nan Vernon from the single No More Lullabies

LYRICS FOR Alice Don’t Leave By The Fire Escape

They said he came from nowhere
He’d come in like a cowboy
With his Larry Adler leather

Every time that we go out
I take him in
I was lost in his bad dreams
And smoke rings

Alice, don’t leave by the fire escape
You have no bridges left to burn
He’s just another earthquake
That looms but never learns

I feared no tears from my wedding cake
As he walked out the door
Like a dog locked up in a pet shop store
Until Niagara falls

I heard the church bells chime for me
For the first time yesterday
“Oranges and lemons,”
Cried the voices of Babel


When you look in the mirror
And you see those eyes
Are they the eyes you wish to see
For the next seven years?

2505 - Dave Stewart And Nan Vernon - No More Lullabies - The UK - CD Single - ANX1005CD